Uni and Me

The end of my first term at university is quickly approaching and so I thought now would be a good time to share some of my thoughts and feelings about University.

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There’s a lot to think about when it comes to university, such as which uni is right for me? How far from my friends and family am I willing to go? What if no one likes me? What if I change my mind on which course to study? Etc. Etc. Etc. And don’t get me wrong these are all great question to ask yourself however by asking these questions too often you are probably going to end up scaring yourself shitless. After all I looked at three universities, the first two I felt really were not for me so of course I was freaking out that I wouldn’t like the third and final one that I looked at but when I did check it out I was pleasantly surprised and fell in love with the area, university and the facilities straight away, so that’s the first question answered. You know which uni is right for you and it might not be the one you expect. Second answer to how far am I willing to go from my friends and family for the next three or more years for me was easy. I like to think I’m a chill person and quite independent, I also felt I left my family home at not only the best time for me, but for everyone else there. So distance wasn’t too much of a problem but money was, so I needed to attend at university that did not break my bank balance whenever I wanted to go back to good old’Norfolk. So a University a couple hours or so from Norfolk sounded good to me. The next question is not so easy and probably needs its own paragraph….

What if no one likes me? Okay, the likelihood of not a single person liking me was pretty slim considering there’s like 10,000 students here. I wasn’t too worried about making friends. I think I’m easy to get along with and like I say I’m quite chill, so didn’t let something like making or not making friends bother me. However, I can see that for some people, the idea of being in a new place with totally new people would be totally horrible and they would hate every second of it however I think I have a couple of tips to offer on this. The first one sounds so cliché I know but you literally have to be yourself, especially if you are in any type of shared accommodation, after all you are probably going to be living with these people for a while and they are the first people that you properly meet. Its important to ask questions, chat and find out some things about one and other and who knows, you may find you have the same likes or dislikes, sense of humour, interests or hobbies. Having said this though, you need to go into it all with an open mind and have a realistic view after all you can be living with a fair few people and its okay and fully acceptable to not like or feel like you have much in common with everyone. That’s fine and in fact it probably makes you better person and prepares you that little bit more for life after uni, after all you may not get along with everyone in a work place or your neighbours etc. I think the best thing to do when getting used to flat mates is 1) make an effort i.e. get involved on nights out and play drinking games or if that’s not your thing go to the cinema together or cook for everyone, just show that you’re trying and everything will be super. However if you really don’t like the people you live and find you are just not compatible with one and other you are of course allowed to move; whether that’s to the flat upstairs or totally different accommodation on the other side of the town/city.  The next tip I can give on the whole making new friends and meeting new people is to remember that you and everyone else are here to get a degree. That’s what it boils down to. Keep that in mind and of course keep that as your priority and between the nights out, the pub crawls and cinema trips, make sure you study a little.

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Another question that I and many others I’m guessing wonder is about their chosen course. What if I don’t like it or it’s not what I expected it to me? I soon learned that this is fine too, in fact a couple weeks after lectures and seminars started a friend decided the course wasn’t for her so she changed it, I’m not entirely sure of the process because I’m really liking my course and have had no need to look into changing it, however there are lecturers and support staff that can help and you’re also part of a tutor group, so you can talk to your tutor if you have any doubts about the course.

Anyway, fast forward roughly 10 weeks, one trip back to good old’Norfolk, one weekend visit from a friend and multiple texts, calls and cards to and from family and friends later, and I can honestly say that university is great. I mean don’t get me wrong it isn’t exactly like you see in the movies or on tv or even read about in books and it doesn’t have to be one big party if its not your thing. However I am very much the party girl so most of my fresher or ‘Welcome Week’ is a blur and a majority of my memories from my first term here are drunken ones, but hey, I guess that’s just me being a modernworldgirl.

One final word, on leaving friends and family behind is that you never really leave them behind; there’s facetime, facebook, snapchat, phone calls and like a hundred other ways to contact them and if you really do find you are missing them, which you will and I’m not going to lie to you, it may even get you down for a couple days then there’s trains or cars or coaches to take you right back there. But one thing I hope you find is that once your back there, you miss your flat mates and your own room and your own mini home and sooner or later you’re happy to be back in the lecture room or lab because people are good at adjusting, you just have to brave it and go for it and give yourself and others and uni a chance and then you’ll enjoy it. Well, as much as you can, after all.. you are trying to get a degree!

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EU, More like E Who?

Okay, I know the EU referendum has been and gone and I am aware that many blogs, media posts, tv reports and Newspaper articles have already been written, as well as hundreds of thousands of Facebook statuses and tweets and almost everything about ‘Brexit’ has been covered however I am very interested in politics and it was only really the last election and this referendum that I looked into it politics a lot more and found that I am passionate about the way our government works and about how the voting system works etc. This is mainly because I am old enough to vote now and so the saying goes, every vote matters (which if I’m honest, I think to an extent is sort of true, but it’s a majority vote after all, meaning if you vote for the minority, really your vote has made no difference at all which is why I think everyone needs to check out Owen Winter and all that he and many others are trying to do in getting our voting system reformed so that in fact, all votes do matter). Anyway turning back our attention to the EU referendum and why I am only now writing a blog on the subject but basically I had to wait until I had calm down a lot and could keep a lid on my thoughts and feelings long enough to not completely lose my shit…..!

I was one of the young people aged between 18-24 who voted remain on Thursday the 23rd of June, so you can imagine how annoyed I was when I woke up on the 24th of June to the Headline ‘We are Out’ and I am not going to lie, I felt very angry, upset and just disappointed for days to come and I felt like many other young people did too. To an extent I feel like the Young people who voted remain, myself included, have just lost their say for the future they want and have a right to. After all those aged 65+ who voted are not realistically going to be around long enough for the EU referendum to have any real effect on their day to day life, because they are not the ones going into higher education, or work, or looking to buy their first house and they are probably not going to be the ones who want to travel freely around Europe as the chances of that happening at that age are pretty slim… so how come their voices over shadow the voices of the new and young, up coming generation yet again?

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I could of course complain and argue my points for staying in just as I’m sure those of you who voted leave can too. However instead of getting into that side of things I want to ask one very simple question. Why weren’t 16 and 17 years olds allowed to vote in this referendum? I am not usually too passionate about 16 and 17 years olds being allowed to vote and to be quite honest I’ve not really thought about it too much until this referendum however this referendum has sparked something inside of me that I never really knew was there.

When me and my brother went to the polling station to put our vote forward it was around 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon which just happened to be the same time that the school children were walking in their friendship groups through good’old North Walsham Town Centre. As groups of school children, some possibly aged 16 filled the street, I couldn’t help but wonder why they weren’t the ones walking into the polling station with me and brother? But instead my brother and I were accompanied by several old people and I mean old people (added emphasis on that second old) and I couldn’t help but be angered by this. I know I am generalising a lot here and I know young people as well as old voted to leave and of course old people and young people voted remain but I just think we should all stop for a moment and think, regardless of which way people voted, why weren’t 16 and 17 year olds allowed to vote when this is such a huge vote that will effect them in years to come.

Of course arguments can be made the people this age don’t know enough about politics or don’t care about anything other then going out with mates and complaining about how hard their life at school is blah blah blah but if we’re going to go down that route, many people of all ages don’t know a great deal about politics but still had the right to vote and that simply comes down to never really being educated on the subject of politics because it’s not a part of the school curriculum which is in my opinion dumb, because I think it could be very interesting and lets be real, we’re more likely going to need a knowledge of politics than knowledge on Venn Diagrams or the Quadratic Equation in life for crying out loud. But that’s a different blog for a different day. It is hard for me to think that people between 16 and 17 years olds didn’t really get a mention and no person or politician in a high position ever even thought about opening the vote on this referendum these young people, which I think is shocking and must be rather upsetting for those age 16 and 17 who did want to vote and have their say. After all, it could have been very different if they did.

Again I could sit here and complain about how the pound lots its value, how taxes is going to up, how our weekly shop whether that be clothing or food will again go up and that we are now looking at not only the separation of the EU but also the UK  but I think by this point everyone knows the deal and it has now been a fair few days since the referendum and I think it’s all slowly calming down and people are beginning to accept the fact that the majority voted to leave the EU and there is now probably next to nothing that we can do because again, lets be real, the EU are not going to want us back no matter how hard those who voted remain protest and if we are being even more real, it looks the EU may not exist at all in 10, 20, 30 years to come. So instead of continuing to ramble on about how disappointed in the country I am and how tempting it is to leave the UK and migrate some place that’s wonderful I am instead going to talk about a couple of positives that will come out of the us leaving the EU….

The first being that David Cameron has stepped down (bare with me) which means we will now need a new Prime Minister and now that Borris Johnson has confirmed he want be running for the position, it leaves the role of Prime Minister open to other candidates from other political parties, a couple of these politicians being female. The former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle, is at the time of me writing this,  looking to run as Labour Leader and Andrea Leadsome has gained lots of support from her fellow Tory grandees and not only that but another candidate Theresa May is looking in good contention too which could  mean this next prime minister election could see the most female candidates running for any general election we have ever had which is pretty exciting in itself because as a Modern World Girl I could think of nothing better than have a female leader to look up to and inspire other females to follow suite, after all last I checked it is her Majesty The Queen who is running the country and she does a pretty awesome job at that so I’d like to believe a female Prime Minister would be just as awesome. I also want to make a point that a second positive to come out of the EU is that no one really knows just yet which way is it going to go for us, as in no one really knows if in fact leaving the EU could be the making or breaking of Britain, or England at least because it’s not been done before. I think that the idea of not knowing what the future holds for Britain is quite scary and daunting however if we vote for the right party and right politicians to come to power in October then we could see ‘Brexit’ changing the UK for the better eventually, like eventually, eventually. Or we might find that the effect is minimal and we all live quite contently for years and years to come and one day we may be able to look back and say ‘EU?? E Who??’ Finger crossed anyway.

Yours Truly,



Ps. Check out and sign Owen Winters campaign here or at least watch the video to hear what he has to say. You may find you agree with him ^^^^^^




We’re all dreamers, here.

Recently I have really began to think much more about who I really am and what I really want to do and in turn I have also began to wonder if everyone (my age especially) thinks this way too? I have started to wonder if we are all in fact, dreamers?


I have recently finished college, turned 18, applied to university and started to work full time. These are all pretty big moments in any persons life and I think because all of these  moments have come all at once, I have found myself thinking that as much as I do have a plan for what I want to happen, realistically over the next few years, I still like to dream. I like to dream about what I can achieve and what goals I can reach and how many lives I can make a difference to and when I say I am dreamer I really do mean it…

I dream of literally everything, from writing a number one best selling book and it being turned it a multi-million pound hit film, with really famous actors taking lead roles, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Shailiene Woodley to having my own Youtube account with subs doubling Zoella, Pointlessblog and Roeellendix put together! I dream of owning my own fitness company or running my own gym, in CALAFORNIA! I dream of travelling all over Europe, and blogging every stop. I dream of starting a campaign on getting a Health and Wellbeing lesson added to KS4 school curriculum which focuses on mental, physical, emotional and sexual well being, after one lesson a week on how to be positive? Who doesn’t think should that happen? I dream of some how over night becoming a massive hit on social media gaining more followers a day than anyone else, including Kendall Jenner! I dream of working with amazing charities from Wateraid to  Unicef and MIND to learning sign language and coaching sport to those with disabilities in this country and others. I dream of one day writing my own column, in some fancy magazine, where people look forward to hearing what I have to say. I dream about expressing my views on equality and working with the LGBT plus community, to raise awareness, after all there’s still a way to go. I dream of being a part a massive movement and making history for equality in womens rights and humans rights in general all over the world!

I have all of these visions in my head and even now just thinking about all the crazy possibilities there are out there for a modern world girl like me, I think back to my realistic plan for the next few years and wonder if being a teacher is really want? If living in Norfolk or Studying in Lincoln if for me? I wonder all these things and sometimes get carried away. But in a world full of tiny people, why can’t individuals like me make that journey, take that trip and make it big? After all we ARE in living in a world where you CAN turn on your laptop, bring up word and start writing your very own fairytale which CAN one day be read and loved by millions, we ARE living in a world that does allow us to upload a video on anything from Fashion & Beauty to pranking mates, we live in an era where fitness and all things healthy living is really picking up and travelling is a must do and there are more magazines on the shelves now than ever! And after all did it not all start out as a dream for the likes of  J.K Rowling, Stephen King, Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr,  Jo Elvin, Normadic Matt. And anyone, absolutely anyone can start a petition on what matters to them, such us ending TamponTax and have thousands sign it and thanks to social media, it is now easier than ever to make a statement and have your campaign trending, #keepkissing #lovewins #smearforsmear #thisgirlcan. And as much as we are living in a modern day world, especially here in the UK, there is still so much more that can be done to make a difference.

Unfortunately there is still a lack of fresh and clean water for an estimated 650million people and children all over the world and  there is still unfortunately homophobia and acts of hate against the LGBT plus community happening in this day and age such as the horrific Orlando Shootings that has taken at least 50 LGBT lives and it is so hard and sad to think that in some countries women are not allowed the rights to such basic things, like having an education, working or even marrying who their hearts desire. So yes, of course when I talk about all the crazy things I dream about achieving, it sounds totally mad and pretty much impossible. But if I can tick at least one thing of that list, I would be more than happy. But if I’m ticking off one, why not tick off the rest? This is what I love about living as a modern world girl, opportunities are out there for us all. Unfortunately due to lack of funds and other commitments to my more realistic plans, I think for now, I am just going to have to dream. But I am okay with that, because that’s where it all begins…




For more info on the Orlando shootings or how to get involved with various campaigns, check out the links below!